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Chapter 1 - A Mission in Kamiskoua Ouangachit Cove

The Primitive Migrations from Africa to America
The First Peoples of Canada and Nature
The Contact of American Indians with Cartier and Champlain
The Conflictual Trade in the Hudson River Valley
The Symbolic Role of Wampum
The Reform Brings the Jesuits to New France
A Mission in Kamiskoua Ouangachit Cove
The French Apostolic Outburst and the Founding of Canada

Chapter 2 - In Quest of a Road toward Silk and Spices

The Silk and Spices Roads
The Scientific Development and the Discovery of America
The First Fransatlantic Crossings
England in Search of the North West Passage
France to the Conquest of America
England to the Conquest of America
Champlain and the Founding of Quebec and Canada
Belleborne and the Western Route

Chapter 3 - Quebec, the Stake of Furs and Always… the West


Ville-Marie at the Mercy of the Iroquois
The Destiny of New France in Versailles
Radisson and Des Groseilliers in Hudson Bay
Jolliet, Marquette and Cavalier de La Salle on the Mississippi
A Murky Quarter of a Century
The Brothers Le Moyne in Louisiana
La Verendrye and his Sons on the Western Route
New France in Danger
The Conquest of Quebec… the End of New France
The North West Company on the Western Route
The North West Passage’s Discovery

Chapter 4 - Sillery and the Political System of Canada


The Seigneurail Regime in New France
The Seigneurial Regime in Sillery
The Seigneur of the Chatellenie of Coulonge
James Murray, governor of the Province of Quebec
Adam Thomas Mabane and the Quebec Act of 1774
Jean-Antoine Panet and the Constitutional Act of 1791
The Rebellions of 1837-1838 in the Canadas
Baldwin, La Fontaine and the Responsible Government
Cartier, Macdonald and the Canadian Confederation
The General Governors in the Spencer Wood Estate
The Lieutenant Governors in the Spencer Wood Estate

Chapter 5 - At the Confluence of the Forest and the Ocean


The European Context in the Napoleonian Era
The St. Lawrence River Imprints the Canadas’ life
The Rafts of Timber on the "Walking Road"
The Lumber Industry in Sillery’s Coves
The Accommodation Inaugurates the Steam Era on the St. Lawrence
The Royal William Crosses the Atlantic
The End of an Era, the Beginning of Another
A New Market for Canadian Lumber

Chapter 6 - Sir James McPherson Le Moine – Culture and Heritage


French and Scottish Roots
A Passion for Ornithology
Spencer Grange, a Cultural Rendez-vous
A Singular Talent for “Small History”
A Committed Citizen

Chapitre 7 - In Search of the Admirable Garden of Eden


A Mythical Place
Enchanting Gardens
Landscapes Inspired by Nature
Eden in Sillery

Chapter 8 - Woodfield, Unexpected Links...


American Independence in the Making
The Independence War, France’s Contribution
The Invasion of 1812, Second War for Independence
A First Canadian Industry
Natural Sciences in the Company of William Sheppard

Chapter 9 - From Distant Origins to the Birth of a Community


Celts, Romans, Saxons and Francs
William the Conqueror Invades England
Christianity in the Making
English, Scottish and Irish Immigration in Canada
Birth of the Sillery Community

Chapter 10 - Old Stones Speaketh...


French Tradition
Georgian Tradition
Neogothic and Picturesque Hold a Place of Honour
Classical and Romantic Villas
Second Empire Style
A Boomtown Residence

Chapter 11 - From Hope to Valor


William the Conqueror’s Heritage
The Plantagenets Claim the Crown of France
A Young Peasant Woman Liberates France
Joan of Arc… the Birth of Canada
Sillery, Land of Mission, Land of Missionaries
The French Canadian Apostolic Outburst
A Spiritualist Destiny
A Manifest Destiny



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