List of Maps

Region of the Fertile Crescent

Main Migratory Roads of Human Beings from their Origin on the African Continent

The Champlain Sea

First Nations' Linguistic Families, beginning 17th century

Canada or New France

Silk Routes: by Land and by Sea

Mediterranean Port Cities of the in the Middle Ages

Columbus, da Gama, Caboto, Magellan, da Verrazano and Vespucci's Discovery Voyages

Arctic Exploration, 1576-1585 and 1601-1632

Explorations of Cartier, (1534-1542) and of Champlain (1603-1608)

Territory Explored by Brule, Champlain et Belleborne (1608-1635)

French Origins of the Canadian Population (1608-1759)

Territory Explored by Jolliet, Marquette et Cavelier de La Salle

Region Explored by La Verendry and his Sons

Scene of the War of the Conquest (1754-1760)

A Correct Plan of the Environs of Quebec and of the Battle Fought on the 13th September 1759

Territory Explored by Sir Alexander Mackenzie

Region of the North Pole

The Arctic Archipelago and the Discovery of the North West Passage

Sillery under the French Regime: Three Large Estates

Map of Fort St. Louis in Quebec

The Roman Empire at its Peak Around the Year 250 of our Era

The Kingdom of Logres during the Time of King Arthur

Expansionism of the Unites States of America after their War of Independence